Planting For Life

Planting For Life is a program that focus on the following areas of people’s lives; self development and leadership, health and wellness, economic empowerment and community engagement. The purpose of this program is to first change the mindset of people and then plant seeds of positive change into their lives. When you plant something the goal is to change or cultivate the landscape of that environment and our goal is to give people the right tools, encouragement and motivation to change their lives to be productive and fruitful and then plant into others.

We are connecting gardening, planting flowers and trees with life cultivating activities. The fruits from this program will not only cultivate the lives of the participants but the lives of other in these areas:

* The harvest from the gardens offer people a healthy selection of fruits, vegetables and a collection of living vitamins. The harvest is also a resource for families who are fighting with hunger and accredited food banks.

* The plants are given to communities, which allow the people of that community to create a refreshing décor, which promotes peace and is inviting to other people.

* The trees bring fresh air quality through its filtering process.

A clean community is a healthy community, a healthy community is a productive community, a productive community is a fruitful community, and a fruitful community is a successful community.

The program’s needs:

* Money
* Land for farming (Green House)
* Roof tops for farming (Green House)
* Volunteers (Agriculture, Horticulture and Arboriculture background)
* Teachers (teaching, counseling, or a strong mentoring background)
* Water and soil testing equipment
* Gardening tools (light and heavy tools)
* Transportation to transport tools
* Storage for the tools
* Seeds and seedling (Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers)
* School supplies
* Smart board/ chalk board/ dry erase board
* Space for 30 people (learning environment)

This isn’t all the needs, as the program get closer to its launch date more resources will be needed.

The formula to changing the world:

  • Change the mindset of the people (GOOD GROUND)
  • Plant seeds of positive change into the people
  • Plant the people back into their community’s
  • Plant the communities back into the nation
  • Plant the nation back into the world.

This formula will create:

  1. A strong economy
  2. Healthier people
  3. People who will love others regardless of their beliefs.