North Carolina
June 9, 2018
Durham County Stadium

The Bull City Jazz Festival is a multi-cultural event that will bring Jazz Lovers in Durham and surrounding areas together for a day of entertainment and fun. More than 100 volunteers and over 4,200 spectators are expected to be in attendance. The Bull City Jazz Festival is powered by One Community, One Voice, One Vision Inc. 501(c)(3). The proceeds from the festival will fund our community programs; Planting For Life, Durham Fighting Against Sickle Cell Anemia, The Bridge Networking Event, I Wish For A Christmas and Excelling Through Adversity. Our programs are focused in the following areas; leadership development, community service engagement, economic empowerment, health and media education. In addition, OCOVOV is focused on enhancing and preserving the rich heritage of Durham. The Bull City Jazz Festival will become part of Durham North Carolina's rich heritage and a tool to help strengthen the economic, health and social value of the less fortunate.
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