"Giving children the gift of hope and joy one bundle at a time."
IWFAC About Us
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Our Mission
One Community, One Voice, One Vision; mission is to help people overcome their weaknesses, hurt and distractions that are keeping them from using 100% of their potential, through the creation of media content, programs and events that will give attention to the problems, instead of the effects from the problems.

To advance our mission
To advance our mission; our content, programs and events will be concentrated in the following areas: Self Development and Leadership, Health Education, Economic Empowerment, and Community Service and Engagement through individual efforts and strategic partnerships with other businesses, 501c3s, and our community.

Our Vision
Our vision is to help strengthen the Environment, Economic and Social values of POOR people and their communities.
I WISH FOR A CHRISTMAS was started in 2008 and is powered by One Community, One Voice, One Vision 501c3. Demetrius L. Brown founder and Board Chairman thought back on his childhood, when his mother and father divorced, which then his mother and him moved to Charleston SC. Demetrius mother got into an car accident and couldn't work for a while and times got real hard for her. Christmas came and there wasn't anything under the tree for both Demetrius nor his mother. Demetrius was hurt and he knew his mother was hurt also, to see her only child sad on Christmas Day. In 2008 while he was watching TV, he came across a movie which took him back to his childhood and that day Demetrius came to the conclusion, that he will make away to keep other families from ever feeling the way his mother and him felt on Christmas Day. His partner at the time Yolanda Sallis and he started I WISH FOR A CHRISTMAS to serve underprivilege children with a bundle of joy on Christmas Day.
I WISH FOR A CHRISTMAS is an community outreach program powered by One Community, One Voice, One Vision 501c3
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