Restoring the health, economic, and social value of marginalized and disadvantaged communities.


Promoting active and healthy lifestyles for children and adults through health literacy, patient education, interactive programs, and events.


Improving the quality of lives of people in the country and providing greater availability of goods and services and the ability to purchase them.


Imagine making a difference in a community. Would you feed the needy? Clean the ocean? We put people in place to create that impact. 


What does it mean to be POOR? Poor is the lack of specific resources, qualities or substances. When the word poor is added to our lives, we become surrounded and trapped by our situation; with a false sense of the future. It’s time to come and stand together to break down these four walls of entrapment;

  • (P) eople
  • (O) bstacles
  • (O) ppression
  • (R) outine

One Community, One Voice, One Vision is a piece of the puzzle that is changing the way POOR PEOPLE: EXPAND, MOVE AND COMPETE through our programs. Click pictures below for more information on  our programs.