What does it mean to be POOR? Poor is the lack of specific resources, qualities or substances. When the word poor is added to our lives, we become surrounded and trapped by our situation; with a false sense of the future. Itís time to come and stand together to break down these four walls of entrapment;

(P) eople
(O) bstacles
(O) ppression
(R) outine

One Community, One Voice, One Vision is a piece of the puzzle that is changing the way POOR PEOPLE: EXPAND, MOVE AND COMPETE through our programs. Click pictures below for more information on  our programs.
Planting For Life
It's not just about leaving a legacy, but leaving a legacy that will enrich people's lives
through positive actions and breaking down the walls of negative behavior.
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I Wish For A Christmas
Our programs benefits the community in the following areas:
The Bridge Network